A Commitment To My Home For Earth Day

April 22, 2019, by Joshua Salinger

In honor of earth day, my family is making the commitment to switch out all of the natural gas appliances and systems in our home. We can't do it all at once, but little by little we plan to replace our stove, dryer, and furnace. Here's why:

While the conversation about climate change usually focuses on carbon dioxide, we need to talk about methane, too. Methane (natural gas) doesn't linger as long in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, but it is initially far more devastating to the climate because of how effectively it absorbs heat. In the first two decades after its release, methane is 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Fracking-- a technique used for extracting natural gas from the earth-- is responsible for a long list of social and environmental disasters including displaced populations, localized earthquakes, and polluted groundwater.

We cook a lot-- it's one of my favorite pasttimes. We will be switching out our gas range/oven for an induction range. I can get all of the responsiveness of a gas range without the negative effects of combustion, such as carbon monoxide, nitrous dioxide, and water vapor being introduced into my home. Induction ranges are also much more efficient and safer than their natural gas counterparts.

Next will be our dryer. Then our furnace. I am committed to making these changes because the way we live in our homes has a huge impact on our climate. We will be prioritizing this as a family in order to make a difference for the planet we live on and the humans who live on it. 

P.S. An article in NYT out on May 1st re-iterates this point, but in more detail. Very apropos! https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/01/opinion/climate-change-gas-electricity.html?action=click&module=Well&pgtype=Homepage&section=Contributors

P.P.S. Another great article along the same lines published April 1st from the LA Times: https://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-gas-stove-climate-change-southern-california-20190404-story.html

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